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Mr. Stirzaker is an economics and financial expert, with experience valuing businesses and financial instruments across a range of industries, from energy to banking to real estate, and in a range of settings.

He provides economic and financial consulting support to law firms and companies, and supports the development of expert testimony in litigation. His experience covers the areas of corporate finance and valuation, the pricing of securities and derivatives, and assessments of regulatory issues.

Representative Engagements
Change in Renewable Tariff Regime
For separate investors in solar PV, concentrated solar power, and wind, created financial models in ten separate ICSID proceedings calculating the impact of a mid-stream switch in the regulatory regime for Spanish renewables. The analysis considered both the reduction in remuneration plus side effects, such as a need for debt restructurings, guarantee payments, and planned refinancing.
Value of Steel Agency
For a major steel company, provided analysis concerning the value of a steel trading business in Western Europe. The analysis considered the potential sales of the trading business and the financial incentives of the trader’s contractual suppliers to expand production and sales in the relevant territories.
Value of Gas to Liquids Plant
For a start-up company, provided analysis for an LCIA arbitration concerning the value of its equity share in a 90% complete gas-to-liquids plant. The case involved the valuation of a set of non-standard American options.
Value of Prime Russian Real-Estate Project
For investors in a large real estate development in Russia, assisted in the provision of expert testimony for an LCIA arbitration. The dispute related to an alleged corporate raid.
Power Station Warranty
For an international power company, created models calculating the damages associated with the failure of a large power station to operate in the manner guaranteed by the warranties provided by the seller at the time that the power station was sold.
The WACC for the Dutch TSOs, DSOs, water companies and the Dutch Pilotage Organisation
March 04, 2013
Prepared for NMa
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