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June 11, 2019
Guy Ben-Ishai Participated in an International Antitrust Conference Held at Tel Aviv University

Brattle Principal Guy Ben-Ishai recently spoke on a panel at the Antitrust New Frontiers: The Digital Economy and Economic Concentration Conference, which took place on June 11–12 at Tel Aviv University. Presented by the Israel Antitrust Authority, Tel Aviv University, and Haifa University, this conference convened some of the world’s leading authorities on antitrust policy.

The event focused on how the rise of the digital economy has created new challenges for antitrust enforcement and whether the emergence of online platforms generates efficiencies and disrupts markets.

In Dr. Ben-Ishai’s panel session on “Platforms and Two-Sided Markets,” the discussion concentrated on the emergence of digital platforms in the economy, as well as antitrust issues related to multi-sided markets and network effects.