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Brattle distinguishes itself by our focus on career development. Providing challenging, rewarding, and meaningful opportunities to all our staff encourages learning and knowledge sharing. Our Principals, Associates, and Research Analysts have every opportunity to move forward professionally in an environment where formal and informal development programs are geared toward educating and motivating. We continually provide new opportunities to learn, whether you’ve been here for 10 months or 10 years.


A large amount of training and development is done on the job. All team members work alongside colleagues who have a variety of expertise, styles, and experience. Learning is a constant process, starting with the background and context provided at the beginning of each project, the discussions about approaches to the problem, the hands on research and analysis, and the preparation and communication of the deliverables to the client. Team members often participate in client phone calls and accompany senior staff on client visits.


All new employees are invited to a multi-day program that orients them to their new roles and to the company. The program is led by senior members of the firm and covers its history, business, and vision and values. It is an activity-filled and fun time for all new staff to get to know one another and the firm.


New Consultant Training (NCT) provides new consulting staff with the fundamental knowledge and skills they need to be effective and successful in their roles. Trainings are held weekly throughout the first few months of employment and include development of technical abilities, introductions to industries and skills, as well as trainings on writing, research, and client management.


Each office regularly offers lunch seminars led by consulting staff or academic advisors. Recent seminars have covered new technologies, methodologies, or approaches to providing solutions for our clients as well as insights from client or conference presentations. These informal seminars provide a forum to share information, preview external presentations, and discuss interesting results and techniques from project work.


Brattle’s mentors guide consultants on their career development. Associates are mentored by Principals, and Research Analysts by Associates. Mentors and mentees meet regularly to assess professional development interests, set and follow up on annual goals, and talk about long-term plans. The mentor provides feedback and advice and helps the mentee determine the most effective and satisfying way forward.


We encourage our staff to seek and provide feedback on a regular basis. Employees receive written feedback on their contributions and performance as well as thoughtful feedback on development. Mentors use a rigorous process to collect a wide range of information to provide constructive feedback and guidance in all major aspects of job performance and development. All staff members (both Professional Services and consultants) receive their first formal review during their first 6 months, then on an annual basis.


Each member of our staff has an annual plan that focuses on those skills, experiences, and activities important for professional advancement. These plans are developed with the mentor or manager. Fulfillment of these goals plays a large part in measuring career advancement. It is expected that mentors and mentees will monitor and discuss those goals throughout the year and adjust them, if appropriate.