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Adam C. Schumacher

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our colleague Adam Schumacher. Adam was a member of the Brattle community for almost 17 years, most recently as an Associate. His work focused on the quantitative economic analysis of issues facing the electric utility industry.

Adam added an incredible wealth of knowledge, insight, and dedication to every project of which he was a part and he will be greatly missed.

Before the Maine Public Utilities Commission, Docket No. 2007-317, An Assessment of Retail Rate Trends and Generation Costs in Maine, whitepaper prepared on behalf of Independent Energy Producers of Maine
September 5, 2007
Restructuring Realities: Can higher electricity prices be more affordable?
July 2011
Published in Public Utilities Fortnightly
Generation Cost Savings From Day 1 and Day 2 RTO Market Designs
October 2009
Prepared for COMPETE
A Comparison of PJM's RPM with Alternative Energy and Capacity Market Designs
September 2009
Prepared for PJM Interconnection
Buy versus Build: A Survey of State Policies
November 2008
Adam C. Schumacher and Gregory N. Basheda
Published in The Electricity Journal
Restructuring Revisited: What we can learn from retail-rate increases in restructured and non-restructured states
June 2007
Published in Public Utilities Fortnightly
Financial Challenges of Rising Utility Costs and Capital Investment Needs
November 14, 2006
Presented at the 2006 NASUCA Annual Meeting, Miami, FL
Why Are Electricity Prices Increasing? An Industry-Wide Perspective
June 2006
Gregory N. Basheda, Johannes P. Pfeifenberger, Adam C. Schumacher, and Marc Chupka
Published by The Edison Foundation
Understanding Utility Cost Drivers and Challenges Ahead
May 17, 2006
Presented at the AESP Pricing Conference, Chicago, IL
Keeping Up with Retail Access? Developments in U.S. Restructuring and Resource Procurement for Regulated Retail Service
December 2004
Published in The Electricity Journal
Forward and Spot Prices in Electricity and Gas Markets: Does 'Storability' Matter
October 2004
James D. Reitzes, Adam C. Schumacher, and J. Arnold Quinn
In Obtaining the Best from Regulation and Competition, edited by Michael A. Crew and Menachem Spiegel, and published by Springer
Regional Interactions in Electricity Prices in the Eastern United States
James D. Reitzes, Adam C. Schumacher, Gregory L. Leonard, and James G. Bohn
In Markets, Pricing, and Deregulation of Utilities, edited by Michael A. Crew and Joseph C. Shuh, and published by Springer
Value Drivers in the Utility Industry of 2002
In PUR Analysis of the Nation's Largest Investor-Owned Electric and Gas Utilities, published by Public Utilities Reports, Inc.
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