Dr. Polek has over 10 years of professional experience in the expert witness consulting industry.

She has helped experts in a broad range of cases to develop thoroughly researched yet accessible expert reports and to prepare for deposition and trial testimony. Dr. Polek has experience with many types of cases, including those involving economic damages and valuation as well as complex tax issues such as foreign tax credits, transfer pricing, and the business purpose doctrine. Her recent cases have involved the identification and valuation of intangible property, the analysis of the pre-tax profit potential of cross-border transactions, and the analysis of financial and accounting data in order to quantify lost profits.

In addition to economic consulting, Dr. Polek has experience analyzing mortgage-related investments, including agency and subprime mortgage-backed securities for the research group of a money management firm, and has taught economic courses at the graduate and undergraduate level.


George Mason University, PhD in Economics
New York University, MS in Economics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS in Economics