Mr. Fanaras has more than two decades of experience analyzing antitrust and competition issues and evaluating economic damages, specializing in matters involving healthcare and technology industries. He has provided economic analyses for matters before courts, in arbitration, and in regulatory proceedings.

Mr. Fanaras has extensive antitrust experience analyzing the competitive effects of mergers, as well as assessing liability and damages related to allegations of antitrust misconduct. He has worked for both private firms and government agencies during merger review proceedings and antitrust investigations, including those before the US Department of Justice, the US Federal Trade Commission, and the European Commission’s DG Competition.

In the healthcare space, Mr. Fanaras has served as an expert in evaluating health insurance rates; analyzing hospital mergers, the effects of restrictive practices, and economic issues in medical billing and coverage disputes; and utilizing granular healthcare data in economic analysis.

Mr. Fanaras also specializes in high tech industries, including wireless telecommunications, media content, mobile apps, internet advertising, and digital platforms. In these fields, he has analyzed potential mergers, allegations of restrictive practices, price fixing, exclusive dealing, and intellectual property disputes. Moreover, he was a consulting expert for American Express during the US government’s anti-steering rules case.

In these matters and others, Mr. Fanaras employs his unique skillset in developing and managing empirical analyses based on big data (i.e., large, often multi-terabyte, and complex data systems and productions). He also advises clients on the discovery of structured data during litigation and merger review. Mr. Fanaras has worked on multiple matters analyzing air transportation, financial services, traded commodities, and several industries involving manufacturing and retail distribution.


BA in Economics, Swarthmore College