Mr. Turner consults on economic and financial issues in complex commercial litigation.

He focuses on matters involving accounting and finance, intellectual property, antitrust, and general damages. Mr. Turner supports attorneys and experts through all phases of litigation – including discovery, deposition, and trial – and his work has spanned a wide range of industries, from healthcare and pharmaceuticals to software and real estate markets.

Mr. Turner analyzes valuation, public disclosures, cost structure, and profitability. He has worked on matters involving auditor liability and valued entities and assets in domestic and international markets, allocating costs to business units and products, and interpreting the meaning and impact of public disclosures in contract disputes. Mr. Turner leverages his knowledge of both internal accounting systems and big data analytics to efficiently organize and glean meaningful information from large databases.

In intellectual property matters, Mr. Turner has supported experts in disputes involving patents, trade secrets, and trade dress, and has analyzed liability issues relating to convoyed says and the entire market value rule.

Mr. Turner has supported government regulatory agencies and merging parties in M&A litigation, analyzing merger-specificity and verifiability for claimed efficiencies. He has analyzed profit margins and cost allocations to determine whether companies earn super-normal profits compared to competitors, price fixing behavior in international commodities markets, and the impact of non-compete agreements in the pharmaceutical space.

He has consulted extensively on liability and but-for damages.


Stanford University Graduate School of Business

University of California, Santa Cruz
MS in Applied Economics & Finance
BA in Global Economics, Highest Honors