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James Dow

Academic Advisor
London Business School
To contact James Dow, please email Jake George at or call +1.617.864.7900

James Dow is Professor of Finance and Research Dean at the London Business School.

Dr. Dow's research interests focus on corporate finance, including company financing and capital structure, cost of capital, asymmetric information, capital markets, and intermediation. He is the Managing Editor for The Review of Economic Studies and serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Financial Markets.

Dr. Dow has previously served as Professor of Economics and as the Head of the Economics Department at the European University Institute. He was an Associate Professor of Finance and Barings Research Fellow and an Assistant Professor of Finance at the London Business School. James Dow was also the W.P. Carey Term Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Pennsylvania.

Pre-Award Interest
February 2021
Chapter from Global Arbitration Review's "The Guide to Damages in International Arbitration" (Fourth Edition) - Login Credentials Required
The Benefits of Multiple Ownership Models in Law Services
July 2005
Published by The Brattle Group, Ltd
Should Speculators be Taxed?
Published in Journal of Business
What is Systemic Risk? Moral Hazard, Initial Shocks and Propagation
Published in Monetary and Economic Studies
Arbitrage, Hedging, and Financial Innovation
January 1998
Published in Review of Financial Studies
Comments on 'Banks, Markets, and the Allocation of Risk in an Economy' by Martin Hellwig
January 1998
Published in Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics (Zeitschrift füür die gesamte Staatswissenschaft)
News & Events
March 02, 2021
Brattle Experts Contribute to New Book on Damages in International Arbitration

Brattle experts have authored three chapters in Global Arbitration Review’s The Guide to Damages in International Arbitration (Fourth Edition).

July 04, 2016
Brattle Principal Richard Caldwell and Academic Advisor James Dow Selected as Faculty for the 2016 Arbitration Academy

Brattle Principal Richard Caldwell and Academic Advisor James Dow has been selected to be on the faculty for the prestigious 2016 Arbitration Academy, which will take place from 4 July – 22 July, 2016 in Paris, France.