Dr. Duh specializes in applying economic and econometric approaches to address liability, calculate damages, and develop evidence-based forecasts in litigation, arbitration, and regulatory proceedings.

She has assisted private and public clients across a variety of industries and antitrust subject areas. She frequently works on matters related to healthcare and life sciences, including healthcare providers, health insurers, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.

Dr. Duh has provided expert testimony in which she used econometric methods to analyze medical billing patterns. She has also testified in federal court as a summary witness.

In litigation support, her casework often involves working with large, complex datasets and a range of tools, such as statistical analyses and valuation models. Dr. Duh has led teams to execute quantitative analyses of prescriber behavior, effects of mortgage servicing failures on borrowers, and the costs of opioid abatement programs. She has collaborated with utility companies to develop forecasting models using econometrics.

On antitrust matters, Dr. Duh has conducted economic analyses to address allegations of monopolization and collusion. Her work integrates quantitative and qualitative evidence to evaluate anticompetitive claims. She has also assisted clients on data requests and responses.

Prior to joining the firm, Dr. Duh studied community effects of global health interventions in developing countries. She currently serves as a board member of the Research Institute for Compassionate Economics, a non-profit research organization focused on health and wellbeing in India.


Princeton University
PhD and MA in Economics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BS in Economics