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Dr. Zapletal is an economist with experience in industrial organization and financial economics. He has led teams of analysts on cases involving complex economic and financial matters and conducted technical negotiations over data with various defendants. Since joining Brattle, Dr. Zapletal has worked on securities cases, including securities class action, valuation cases, antitrust matters, transfer pricing cases, and damages estimations, spanning a wide range of industries.

Bitcoin Futures Markets: A Year Later
March 15, 2019
Published in Mondaq
Brighter Prospects? Assessing the Franchise Advantage using Census Data
October 2018
Francine Lafontaine, Marek Zapletal, and Xu Zhang
Published in the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy
The Effects of Occupational Licensing: Evidence from Business-Level Data
August 2018
The British Journal of Industrial Relations
The Effects of Occupational Licensing: Evidence from Detailed Business-Level Data
March 2018
Presented at An International Symposium on the Regulation of Occupations
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