Dr. Erdei Gonzaga is a passionate competition economist with over 10 years of experience in antitrust matters.

Dr. Erdei Gonzaga is experienced in managing competition projects that require advanced economic modeling, intricate data analysis, and a thorough understanding of the relevant literature and case law. He is skilled in clearly explaining the complex economic theory that he and his teams apply to competition matters. He has consulted on projects in a range of sectors affected by the digital revolution, including high technology, e-commerce, data analytics, telecom, transport, and professional services. He has also published reports on several topical antitrust areas, including horizontal and vertical mergers in dynamic markets, vertical restraints in e-commerce, and algorithmic collusion. His work has been presented to private clients, enforcers, regulators, auditors, and policy makers.

Before joining Brattle, Dr. Erdei Gonzaga gained substantive experience through his academic work and as a competition expert at the OECD Competition Division.


University of Porto
Post-Doc in Economics
PhD in Economics
Undergraduate Degree in Economics





Personal Interests

Pedro loves to play the piano, dance, and to do sports that involve heights, such as climbing, skydiving, hang gliding, and parasailing.