Dr. Sundaresan is the Chase Manhattan Bank Professor of Economics and Finance at Columbia University.

His consulting work focuses on central bank actions, term structure, swap pricing, credit risk models, valuation, and risk management. He has applied this expertise in consulting engagements with Morgan Stanley Asset Management and Ernst and Young, among others.

His current research focus is on default risk and how it affects asset pricing and sovereign debt securities. He has conducted training programs for leading investment banks, including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, CSFB, and Lehman Brothers. He is the author of the text Fixed-Income Markets and Their Derivatives, and he has published in the areas of treasury auctions, bidding, default risk, habit formation, term structure of interest rates, asset pricing, pension asset allocation, swaps, options, forwards, futures, fixed-income securities markets, and risk management.

Dr. Sundaresan’s research papers have appeared in major journals such as The Journal of Finance, The Review of Financial Studies, The Journal of Business, the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, European Economic Review, the Journal of Banking and Finance, and the Journal of Political Economy. He has also contributed articles to the Financial Times and to World Bank conferences. He is an associate editor of The Journal of Finance and the Review of Derivatives Research.


Carnegie-Mellon University, PhD in Industrial Administration and MS in Finance

University of Madras, India, BE in Mechanical Engineering