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Dr. Carless specializes in electricity sector topics such as low-carbon generation, nuclear power, climate policy analysis, and resource planning.

Prior to joining Brattle, Dr. Carless served as a President’s Postdoctoral Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University and a Stanton Nuclear Security Fellow at the RAND Corporation. He received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for his research, which focused on assessing the environmental competitiveness of small modular reactors (SMRs) and risk and regulatory considerations for SMR emergency planning zones. 

Alternative Resource Adequacy Structures for Maryland: Review of the PJM Capacity Market and Options for Enhancing Alignment with Maryland's Clean Electricity Future
March 2021
Kathleen Spees, Travis Carless, Samuel A. Newell, Lily Mwalenga, Walter Graf, Sean Chew, Frederick Corpuz, and Kathryn Peters
Prepared for the Maryland Energy Administration
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Personal Interests

Dr. Carless was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and was raised in the Bronx. He is a die-hard Knicks fan who enjoys running, playing basketball, and photography. Dr. Carless is a life member of the National Society of Black Engineers.