An expert in competition economics and energy regulation, Ms. Irastorza has more than two decades of experience assisting clients across the globe.

Ms. Irastorza specializes in regulation and contracts, markets, damages, valuations, mergers and acquisitions, disputes, and arbitration. In addition to her energy focus, she has worked on several competition matters related to the transportation, finance, and food sectors.

As a former Undersecretary of Energy Planning and Transition in Mexico, Ms. Irastorza leverages her unique insights to help her clients navigate long-term energy project planning, renewable energy, and energy efficiency policies. She has assisted energy companies, regulators, and governments in countries including Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Honduras, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, and the US.

She has worked on all aspects of the electric power sector, including generation, transmission, ancillary services, distribution, and retailing. In natural gas, Ms. Irastorza has in-house experience and has advised companies on the effects of new policies and regulations, due diligence, mergers, acquisitions, and efficiency. She has been published in Bloomberg, The Electricity Journal, and the Oil & Gas Journal, and presented at numerous industry conferences. She is also the Vice Chair of the American Bar Association Antitrust Law Section’s Transportation and Energy Industries Committee.

Before joining Brattle, Ms. Irastorza held several other governmental positions in Mexico – in addition to her time as Undersecretary of Energy Planning and Transition – and was an Associate Director at an international economics consultancy.


University of California, Berkeley
Master’s in Public Policy

Universidad Iberoamericana
BA, Economics