Dr. Kou is a Professor of Economics and Deputy Dean of the School of Economics at Fudan University, with research focuses on industrial economics, innovation and intellectual property, the digital economy, and corporate finance.

Dr. Kou has served as the chairman for many national and provincial-level projects of the Ministry of Education and other government administrations. He has also chaired the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the National Social Science Foundation.

A highly regarded academic, Dr. Kou has received numerous awards throughout his career. He was selected as the New Century Excellent Talent of the Ministry of Education, Shanghai “Shuguang” Talent, Shanghai Pujiang Talent, and Feitian Scholar in Gansu Province. He was awarded several second and third prizes in Shanghai Philosophy and Social Sciences Excellent Achievements Awards, and the first prize in Shanghai Outstanding Teaching Achievement Award.

Dr. Kou serves as the editor of World Economic Papers and has authored many pieces in domestic and international publications, such as The Journal of Industrial Economics, the Journal of Population Economics, Economics Letters, Economic Research, The World Economy, Economic Quarterly, and the Journal of Financial Research.


Fudan University
PhD in Political Economics, School of Economics

Fudan University
Masters of Western Economics, School of Economics

Fudan University
Bachelor of Physics, School of Physics