Brattle Principal Agustin J. Ros will speak at the 38th Annual Rutgers Center for Research in Regulated Industries (CRRI) Annual Eastern Conference, to be held May 29-31 in Shawnee on Delaware, Pennsylvania.

The event will feature some of the latest developments in the telecommunications and energy sectors, including policy and regulatory issues, market structure and RTOs, demand response, and more.

Dr. Ros will present his paper entitled “Does Electricity Competition Work for Residential Consumers? Evidence from Demand Models for Default Service and Competitive Residential Electricity Services.” In his paper, he estimates residential electricity demand models for default electricity services and for competitive retail electricity provider (REP) services in order to examine residential electricity consumer behavior. He finds that residential electricity consumers are acting in a manner consistent with standard consumer theory, with price elasticity of demand estimates that are generally in line with estimates in the economics literature. Importantly, he finds economic evidence that customers served by REPs are sensitive to the default service price.

Dr. Ros will also speak on “Progress in Puerto Rico” during the dinner on May 30 and as a discussant on the panel “A Matric Approach to Antitrust Policy: The AT&T/Time Warner Merger Revisited” on May 31. For more information about the 38th Annual Rutgers CRRI Eastern Conference, please visit the event website.