Brattle Principal Agustin J. Ros will speak at the Advanced Workshop in Regulation and Competition at Rutgers University’s Center for Research in Regulated Industries (CRRI), to be held November 16 in Newark, NJ.

The event will gather practicing economists from industry, regulatory, commissions, and academia to discuss capacity market pricing, the US v. AT&T/Time Warner decision, and other topics.

Dr. Ros will discuss the status of residential electricity competition and the different approaches to residential competition used by the states. Residential electricity competition is facing increased scrutiny in some states where some policymakers have concluded that electricity competition is harming residential customers. Dr. Ros will critically assess the methodology and approach used by some policymakers to reach their conclusions and present ideas for better measuring the benefits residential consumers have received to date.

For more information about the CRRI Advanced Workshop in Regulation and Competition, please visit the event website.