Brattle Principal Judy Chang will present during the Energy Storage Association’s (ESA) Webinar “Kicking the Tires on Order 841: Diving into Details, Opportunities, and Challenges,” taking place March 28, 2018 from 2-3 pm (EST).

The webinar will focus on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) Order 841, which was a landmark rule directing regional market operators to allow energy storage resources to compete in wholesale markets.

Ms. Chang will discuss Brattle’s recent study which estimates that implementation of Order 841 could unlock 7,000 MW of economic energy storage as costs continue to decline. She and her co-panelists will also discuss what components of Order 841 are most advantageous, and what future challenges can arise for energy storage participation and economics.

To learn more, or to register, please visit the event website.

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