Brattle Principals Jürgen Weiss and Ryan Hledik will present at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies’ (OIES) Electricity Day, taking place November 8, 2017 in Oxford, England.

The event gathers energy companies, governments, academics and consultants to debate some of the most important issues shaping the electricity sector, especially as it faces the challenges of climate change and disruptive technological and business trends.

Dr. Weiss will participate in the panel discussion “Decarbonization and the Role of Electricity.” He and his co-panelists will discuss electrification and its implications on fossil fuels, and investment and management of electricity systems.

Mr. Hledik will participate in the panel, “Digitization, Decentralization and the Implications of Disruptive Technologies,” which will address how disruptive technologies might affect the power sector in the coming years; what markets and regulations are required to ensure the efficient deployment of digital technologies and effective competition; and the role of consumers, distribution companies, and aggregators.

To learn more, please visit the event website. The Brattle Group is a sponsor of this event.