Brattle Principal Pinar Bagci will present at the Commercial Dispute Resolution’s (CDR) Spring Competition Litigation Symposium, taking place February 23, 2017 in London.

The event will focus on the similar themes of competition law litigation and enforcement and follow-on private class actions for damages, on a national, regional, and global basis. Additional topics of discussion include how to strategically manage class actions, the links between competition and litigation proceedings in terms of quantification of damages and disclosure, and the latest developments in antitrust enforcement action.

Dr. Bagci will present during the panel discussion, “Expert Evidence in Multi-National Class Action Proceedings.” Panelist will discuss the difference in approach to quantification compared to other areas of the law; key issues for expert witnesses and their lawyers in UK proceedings; and issues for experts under EU and US law.

The Brattle Group is a sponsor of this event. To learn more about the event, or to register, please visit the event website.


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