Brattle Principal Pinar Bagci will present at the Commercial Dispute Resolution’s (CDR) 3rd annual Winter Competition Litigation Symposium, taking place February 22, 2018 in London.

The event will offer key insights on the development of this practice area for corporate counsel, competition lawyers, and commercial litigators. It will discuss the latest thinking on UK antitrust litigation following the recent Mastercard ruling, and the developing legal ramifications of Brexit. In addition, the event will track key developments in antitrust enforcement practice, with contributions from formers and current regulators, which will inform litigation for years to come.

Dr. Bagci will present during the panel discussion, “Abuse of Dominance Cases: A New Horizon – Part I.” Panelists will discuss the impact of litigation arising from abuse of dominance claims, following a period where the impact of cases relating to both Big Technology and Big Pharma continue to shape this area of law.

The Brattle Group is a sponsor of this event. For more information, or to register, please visit the CDR website.