Brattle academic advisor and Harvard Law School faculty member Stuart Brotman recently prepared a report that analyzes a new approach for assessing a country’s broadband Internet capabilities.

The report, “Net Vitality: Identifying the Top-Tier Global Broadband Internet Ecosystem Leaders,” identifies five nations as global leaders in their deployment and use of broadband Internet: the United States, South Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom, and France. Mr. Brotman’s analysis finds that sustained investment and continuous innovation of broadband technologies are the key factors to successful Internet ecosystems, and that these are the most important building blocks for government policy makers to take into account when shaping their goals of Net Vitality.

Mr. Brotman’s unique Net Vitality Index uses a holistic, multi-dimensional approach to measure global net vitality leaders, differing from other comparative studies that rank countries based on a simplistic, quantitative assessment of broadband speeds. His Index also measures countries qualitatively, taking into account 52 factors to evaluate countries, including applications, devices, networks, and macroeconomic factors.

The report was released by The Media Institute’s Global Internet Freedom Program and is available for download below.

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