As mobile subscriptions and Internet of Things (IOT) connections continue to skyrocket, the emergence of 5G technology using the millimeter wave (mmW) spectrum ­– which has ultra-quick data transmission speeds and high capacity ­– is more important, and valuable, than ever.

In the first issue of The Brattle TIME, a regular update from Brattle’s Telecommunications, Internet, Media & Entertainment (TIME) practice, TIME Practice Co-Leaders Dr. Steve Herscovici and Dr. Paroma Sanyal explore how the new 5G architecture upends many assumptions about the wireless industry.

The new issue, “Evolving Spectrum Value Drivers in a 5G Millimeter Wave World,” draws from a Brattle report authored by Principal Dr. Coleman Bazelon, Senior Consultant Dr. Paroma Sanyal, Associate Dr. Jonathan Lee, Senior Research Analyst Ezra Frankel, and Research Analyst Ryan Taylor. The authors provide a look at how traditional spectrum valuation relationships will change in a 5G world, where mmW spectrum value is driven by capacity rather than coverage, and what future implications this will have.

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