Brattle principal Ahmad Faruqui, a leading expert on the smart grid, recently presented at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) Board of Directors meeting on January 19, 2012, where he discussed the growth of demand-side management (DSM) in the U.S. electricity industry and its implications for TVA. Dr. Faruqui’s presentation gave an overview of the history of DSM and detailed the three generations of DSM programs enacted in the United States. Dr. Faruqui also highlighted the impact of DSM on potential energy efficiency savings, particularly in the TVA region, where national studies have found an achievable potential energy savings of 10 to 20% by 2030 in the region. After discussing the various DSM financing mechanisms in place by states and regulators and refuting frequently encountered objections of DSM programs, Dr. Faruqui concluded his presentation by recommending guidelines to TVA for implementing DSM program designs in their region. Dr. Faruqui’s presentation can be downloaded through the link below.