Brattle principal Metin Celebi will present at the 2012 Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI) Natural Gas Conference, taking place February 27-28, 2012 in Calgary, Alberta. The CERI conference will explore the shifting focus of the gas industry worldwide, and how the shale gas revolution is responsible for the downward pressure on market prices. Conversion of coal plants to gas is taking place, but gas supply is exceeding gas demand. The conference will discuss whether the global LNG market can shed gas supply, and if so, whether it can be done in a substantial way. Dr. Celebi’s presentation, “Potential Coal Plant Retirements in the U.S. and the Resulting Impact on Gas Demand,” will discuss how gas demand in the U.S. may significantly increase as a result of gas-fired generation replacing generation from coal plants who chose to retire, rather than retrofit. The presentation will also provide an overview of the economics of future operation of coal plants compared to other alternatives, and explore projected coal plant retirements and possible implications for U.S. gas demand. For more information, please visit the CERI website.