Brattle senior advisor Mark T. Williams, a finance professor at Boston University, authored an article on global financial-market systemic risk in the October 2010 issue ofRisk Professional Magazine, published by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). In the article, “The Major Risk Management Challenge of this Decade,” Mr. Williams cites numerous market events that demonstrate global systemic risk remains high, including the 2008 Lehman Brothers bankruptcy and subsequent world market collapse, the May 2010 “Flash Crash”, and the current financial turmoil in Greece, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Spain that is affecting the entire European Union. According to Mr. Williams, globalization is one of the contributing factors to the rise of systemic risk. However, there are solutions for managing the risk, including a coordinated global response to risk and developing a system of early detection and a clear policy response. Mr. Williams is the author of Uncontrolled Risk: The Lessons of Lehman Brothers and How Systemic Risk Can Still Bring Down the World Financial System, which uses the rise and fall of Lehman Brothers to explain how excessive risk taking caused the greatest bankruptcy in history and triggered a global financial meltdown. Additional information is available online at To read the entire GARP article, please visit their website.

Published in Risk Professional Magazine