Mark Williams, a Senior Advisor for The Brattle Group, authored a July 8, 2010 editorial in The Boston Globe on the strong need for enforcement in the face of a new national bank reform bill.

In the editorial, “The weak link in bank reform,” Mr. Williams discusses the proposed financial reform bill that will require large banks and hedge funds to pay $20 billion in fees to fund their own regulation. Such financial reform relies heavily on the enforcement of regulating bodies and their bank examiners. According to Mr. Williams, “complicating this challenge is the sophistication gap that remains between regulators and Wall Street banks.” An aggressive stance on recruiting, training, and retaining first-rate examiners will hopefully result in more effective regulatory enforcement and the prevention of future risk-taking behavior by banks. As Mr. Williams points out, “our entire financial system is dependent on strengthening regulator oversight and closing this sophistication gap.”

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