Stuart Gabriel, a Professor of Finance at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and Brattle senior advisor, was interviewed during the November 14, 2011 airing of the NPR show All Things Considered, where he discussed how mortgage interest rates have hit historic lows and homeowners are finding it harder to qualify for a loan.

Dr. Gabriel, who specializes in real estate finance and economics, spoke with show host Guy Raz about how the U.S. housing market is experiencing an unusual situation in which credit is cheap but also tight. Dr. Gabriel explains that interest rates are low in order to incentivize consumer spending and to revitalize the economy. At the same time, to ensure consumers will be able to pay back their loans, banks have tightened the requirements necessary to obtain a loan.

Dr. Gabriel believes banks will continue to be cautious about who they loan to as the mortgage system stabilizes in order to prevent past mistakes.

The full transcript of Dr. Gabriel’s interview can be viewed here.