With COVID-related restrictions in flux and US infection rates still volatile, many courts, regulatory authorities, and financial institutions expect to continue virtual business environments for much of 2021. In a recent issue of The Nebraska Lawyer, Brattle Senior Consultant Hollie Mason presents some key technical, procedural, and practical considerations for litigators and experts participating in virtual depositions.

The article, “Virtual Deposition Testimony: Practical Tips for Lawyers and Testifying Expert Witnesses,” details the many hurdles virtual depositions can present, such as a lack of traditional organizational and documentation tools, procedural and tactical differences, and unique logistical concerns related to platforms such as Zoom and Skype. In addition to advice on how attorneys can prepare witnesses to adapt to the different examination styles or tactics – as well as the significant lag time – that can be a hallmark of virtual testimony, the article also outlines how to set expectations and get organized before depositions.

Published by The Nebraska Lawyer