China’s increase in M&A activity in recent years underscores the importance of understanding the country’s merger control policy and the growing role of economic analyses and behavior remedies in its merger review process. Brattle Principal Dr. Vanessa Yanhua Zhang, Consultant Rita Xiaoping Li, and Senior Associate Dr. Josephine Duh have coauthored an article on the evolution of China’s approach to non-horizontal merger cases in the February 2022 issue of the American Bar Association’s Antitrust Magazine Online.

The authors address issues related to economic analyses and remedies that have surfaced in recent non-horizontal merger cases in China that may set precedents or references for future proposed transactions. Two case studies illustrate China’s increasing willingness to adopt behavioral remedies to address potential anticompetitive effects and exemplify how economic analyses and behavioral remedies can fit together with the Chinese competition authority’s approach to merger review.

The full article, “China’s Merger Control of Non-Horizontal Transactions: The Growing Role of Economic Analyses and Behavioral Remedies,” is available for download below.

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