Brattle Principal Dr. Rosa Abrantes-Metz returned as a guest on the Miles Franklin podcast, “Are Silver Prices Suppressed?” Dr. Abrantes-Metz has worked in several cases involving claims of manipulation, collusion, and fraud in the precious metals markets over the last two decades, and has testified in commodities manipulation cases. Her 2013–2014 work in gold and silver markets assisted in the launching of investigations and private litigation around the world on possible market rigging.

In the previous Miles Franklin podcast episode, “Are Gold & Silver Manipulated?” she discussed how defective structures of price setting in these markets create opportunities for market abuse and generate unusual pricing patterns inconsistent with efficient markets that are worth investigating. In the most recent podcast, she reviews some of her work in this area, including spoofing of precious metals prices and the recent silver price spike, which is conjectured by many as a possible short squeeze.

The full podcast is available on the Miles Franklin YouTube channel.

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