Brattle Principal Dr. Vanessa Yanhua Zhang was a special editor of the Competition Policy International (CPI) Antitrust Chronicle March 2021 issue. Dr. Zhang also coauthored an article on antitrust and unfair competition in China’s network game industry with Academic Advisor Prof. Jiong John Gong.

The March 2021 issue, “Year of the Ox – Antitrust Enforcement in China” presents eight articles from expert committee members for the enforcement authority, law and economics experts, and practitioners in China. The issue also begins with two special CPI Talks interviews conducted by Dr. Zhang with Mr. Zhenguo Wu, Director General of SAMR and Mr. Samuel Chan, Chairman of Hong Kong Competition Commission.

Dr. Zhang and Dr. Gong also coauthored an article on “Antitrust and Unfair Competition Conduct in the Network Game Industry of China” in the March 2021 issue of Antitrust Chronicle. The authors discuss two related cases between a network game company NetEase and a live broadcasting company YY in China that fought in terms of both Anti-Monopoly Law and Anti-Unfair Competition Law, involving copyright law. The conclusions of these cases will have a profound impact on the live broadcasting industry in regards to implications for business models and revenue streams. The full article is available on the CPI website (login required).

The full Antitrust Chronicle March 2021 issue can be found on the CPI website (login required).

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