Brattle Principals Ahmad Faruqui and Jürgen Weiss recently co-presented during the World Bank event, “Mechanisms for Promoting Energy Efficiency in North America: A Critical Review,” hosted by The Energy Efficiency Community of Practice (EECoP) & East Asia Water and Energy Unit (EASWE) on October 17, 2013 in Washington, DC.

Drs. Faruqui and Weiss’ presentation highlighted the current state of energy efficiency in North America and reviewed the various policy levels that are being used to promote energy efficiency, including programs to raise consumer awareness, market transformation efforts led by manufacturers, governmental codes and standards, utility rate design programs, and utility consumer rebate programs. Their discussion also examined the unique challenges that arise in the course of promoting energy efficiency, including the sustainability of savings as well as the issue of not double-counting their impacts in load forecasts. Lastly, their presentation concluded with a discussion of whether utilities or third parties should pursue rebate programs.

Drs. Faruqui and Weiss’ presentation can be downloaded using the link below.