Brattle Principals Judy Chang and Hannes Pfeifenberger presented at EUCI’s recent conference, “Transmission Policy: A National Summit,” taking place January 30-31, 2014 in Washington, DC.

The two-day program examined the ways in which transmission developers and regulators are working to balance the need for new transmission while considering environmental requirements, economic and policy goals, and public concern as the U.S. begins the transition to a clean energy economy. The conference will explore how as more transmission is needed, and being proposed across the country to build out the electric grid, delays in securing needed statutory reviews, permits, and consultations can threaten timely completion of these projects.

Ms. Chang presented on “Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Transmission Expansion.” Her presentation discussed findings of a recent Brattle report, co-authored with the Working Group for Investment in Reliable and Economic Electric Systems (WIRES), that identified the potential economic, operational, reliability, and public policy benefits of expanding and upgrading the grid as seen by transmission planners across the U.S. and Canada.

Mr. Pfeifenberger’s presentation, “Moving Towards Open Competition in Transmission Expansion,” explored how ISOs and RTOs in the U.S. and Canada are moving toward a more open and competitive process for transmission projects to include what is being built and who will build it. His presentation gave an overview of the ISOs and RTOS and how they are managing a competitive environment.

Mr. Pfeifenberger’s presentation can be downloaded using the link below.

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