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May 14, 2015
Ahmad Faruqui and Ryan Hledik to Present at EUCI Residential Demand Charges Summit

Brattle principals Ahmad Faruqui and Ryan Hledik will present at the upcoming EUCI event, “Residential Demand Charges Summit,” taking place May 14-15 in Denver, CO.

With the rapidly changing landscape of electric utilities, electric sales growth has declined in recent years while the cost of maintaining a reliable grid is rising. Because this may lead to inequitable bill increases for many customers, several jurisdictions are re-designing residential electricity rates. One of the more popular rate design solutions is a demand charge, which until recently has been relatively rare in residential rates, but has the potential to reduce cross-subsidies in today’s rates, encourage smarter load management, and provide fair cost recovery to utilities.

This conference will cover the benefits and challenges of a residential demand charge, and will discuss best practices for designing the new rates, the potential impact on customer bills, cost-recovery and net energy metering implications, among other topics.

Dr. Faruqui will deliver the keynote address, during which he will share his experiences and perspectives from five continents on how existing retail rate designs are contributing to the under-recovery of fix costs for utilities. He will also present his ideas on the optimal way for pricing power from the grid in the midst of expanding distributed generation and renewable energy resources. Mr. Hledik will discuss “The Landscape of Residential Demand Charges,” reviewing the recent rise in interest regarding the implementation of residential demand charges.

For more information, or to register, visit the EUCI website.