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August 07, 2014
Ahmad Faruqui to Present at Australian Competition & Consumer Commission/Australian Energy Regulator Conference

Brattle principal Ahmad Faruqui will present at the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission/Australian Energy Regulator (ACCC/AER) Regulatory Conference 2014, taking place August 7-8 in Brisbane, Australia.

Held annually, the Regulatory Conference brings together industry participants, policy makers, academics, and regulators from around the world to discuss the latest ideas about the theory and practice of regulation. The theme of the 2014 conference is “Regulating for efficient infrastructure outcomes.”

Dr. Faruqui will present during two separate conference sessions. During the first session, “Regulating in the face of declining demand,” he will give a presentation on strategies for surviving sub-one percent growth in the electric industry from an American perspective. Dr. Faruqui will also speak during a breakout session on electricity, which will discuss whether more dynamic retail pricing is a solution to achieving more efficient outcomes, as well as how retail tariffs should be structured.

For more information, please visit the conference website.