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August 27, 2013
Brattle Associate Giulia McHenry to Present at Super Wi-Fi and Shared Spectrum Summit

Brattle associate Giulia McHenry has been selected to present at the Super Wi-Fi & Shared Spectrum Summit, taking place August 27 – 29, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV.

The FCC recently opened up a sizable new block of unlicensed spectrum, between the 50MHz and 700MHz bands. The capability to use the new "white-space spectrum,” which is sometimes referred to as Super WiFi, for wireless broadband access creates a wealth of new opportunities for consumers, enterprises, service providers, and device manufacturers. The Summit will bring together interested parties to discuss the true potential of this technology as well as the business and technical issues surrounding it.

Dr. McHenry will present “Incentive Auction Debate – Are the Stakes too High for Broadcasters?” She will discuss the unanswered questions that remain as the Reverse TV incentive auction gets underway, including: what will happen if the repacking of the TV stations does not enable a nationwide build out; what will happen if the Carriers don’t find the marketplace attractive enough to bid; whether the FCC will change the nature of the auction if the government is part of the buy side; which greater good will dominate the TV Incentive Auction; and when the newly licensed spectrum will be available to White Space devices for use.