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June 18, 2012
Brattle Consultant to Lead Workshop at Conference Addressing the Impact of REMIT on Energy Markets

Brattle senior consultant Shaun Ledgerwood will be leading a half-day workshop at the upcoming conference, “European Energy Market Integrity: REMIT & Regulatory Compliance,” taking place June 18-20, 2012 in London. The two-day program will explore the impact of the new REMIT legislation on wholesale energy markets, as well as the effects of market manipulation on increasing transparency and reducing uncertainty in the energy sector. The conference will also discuss ways for companies to effectively plan for compliance in an unsettled regulatory landscape. Dr. Ledgerwood, an expert in the analysis of anticompetitive behavior, will present the post-conference workshop, “An Analytical Framework for Anti-Manipulation Compliance, Monitoring, and Enforcement.” This workshop will discuss the need for a common standard in anti-manipulation laws across the U.S. and E.U., as well as provide a framework for both the proof and disproof of market manipulation. Dr. Ledgerwood will also present two recent case studies brought under U.S. anti-manipulation law, and how they apply to the proposed framework. For more information, please visit the conference website.