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November 27, 2012
Brattle Consultants Judy Chang and Hannes Pfeifenberger to Present at Alberta Power Summit

Brattle principals Hannes Pfeifenberger and Judy Chang have been invited to present at the 13th Annual Alberta Power Summit, taking place November 27-28, 2012 in Calgary, Alberta. The two-day conference will cover critical topics pertaining to Alberta’s restructured electricity market and will discuss whether Alberta’s electricity market is still able to deliver its original vision of increased customer choice and lower costs of supply. The conference will focus on the key priorities and initiatives of market agencies, implications of the recent retail market review, the ability of the wholesale market to continue supporting the addition of new supply, and ongoing challenges of transmission interconnections both internally and with neighboring jurisdictions. Mr. Pfeifenberger will present during the panel session, “Operational and Planning Challenges and Options for Interties between International Power Markets.” He will discuss operational, scheduling, and market design-related challenges across international market interties, as well as the planning process and project development efforts to increase intertie capacity between Canada and to the U.S. Ms. Chang will serve as a panelist during the session, “Implications of the Increase in Installed Wind Generation Capacity for Alberta’s Market,” which will address changes the Alberta Electric System Operator is considering in light of recent increases in wind generation capacity. For more information, please visit the conference website.