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July 21, 2010
Brattle Consultants Kevin Neels and Nathan Barczi to Lead West LegalEdcenter CLE Webcast on Patent Damages

Kevin Neels, a principal in The Brattle Group’s Washington, DC office, and Nathan Barczi, an associate in The Brattle Group’s Cambridge office, will lead West LegalEdcenter’s July 21, 2010 continuing legal education (CLE) webcast on patent damages. Their presentation will focus on economic analysis as a tool for providing unique and valuable insights into the problems, challenges, and controversies surrounding intellectual property. Dr. Neels and Dr. Barczi will address issues including the portion of the value of a complex product that should be attributed to specific pieces of technology that contributed to its creation, assessing whether an accused infringer would be more likely to license, design around, or simply drop the patented feature to avoid infringement, and how one should account for competition between alternative technologies in computing patent damages. For more information, please visit the West LegalEdcenter website.