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June 11, 2012
Brattle Consultants to Lead Workshop at Energy Storage Forum in Rome

Brattle principals Judy Chang and Jürgen Weiss will lead the pre-forum workshop at the Energy Storage Forum on June 11th in Rome, Italy. The workshop, “Comparing Energy Storage Business Models and Applications,” will examine the role that economics and market demand of energy storage play in a world increasingly characterized by the presence of intermittent renewable energy sources. Ms. Chang and Dr. Weiss will be joined by guest speakers from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in discussing a number of topics related to energy storage including the basic economics of storage, the landscape for storage today and in the near future, the potential role for storage to supply the fossil fuel free energy systems of the future, and smart grid, demand response, distributed generation, and residential energy storage. The workshop precedes the 5th Annual Energy Storage Forum, a conference that brings together more than 40 speakers to discuss the profitable deployment of grid energy storage solutions. For more information about this program, please visit the Energy Storage Forum website.