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February 02, 2012
Brattle Consultants to Participate in Law Seminars International’s Conference on Integrating Renewables in Las Vegas

Brattle consultants Frank Graves and Kamen Madjarov will participate in Law Seminars International’s “Eighth Annual National Conference on Current Issues in Integrating Renewables in Challenging Economic Times,” taking place February 2-3, 2012 in Las Vegas, NV. The conference will help energy professionals understand the steady stream of new and complex utility rate case filings brought about by changing environmental requirements, aging infrastructure, volatile fuel prices, new generation and transmission projects, smart grid issues, and new technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The seminar will help participants understand how these issues are affecting cost recovery, rate setting, the rate case process, and the presentation of evidence by witnesses and counsel. The program will feature Mr. Marc Spitzer, Commissioner of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Mr. Graves will present on the topic, “Implications of Continued Low Prices for Natural Gas.” His session will focus on hedging in a period of expected continued low gas prices. Specifically, Mr. Graves will discuss how much is reasonable to spend, the optimal portion of total demand to hedge, regulatory approval of hedging plans, and recent developments in state regulatory proceedings. Dr. Madjarov will present on the topic of “Transmission: Practical Challenges for Integrating Wind.” For more information, or to register, please visit the conference website.