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March 30, 2012
Brattle Consultants to Present on Causes of Electricity Sales Changes for Edison Electric Institute Webinar Series

Brattle principals Phil Hanser, Ahmad Faruqui, and Joe Wharton will be presenting during the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) webinar series, “The Impact of the Economy on Electricity Sales.” EEI’s webinar series will explore the impact that the economic downturn, along with other changes in the electric industry, has had on electricity sales, and reevaluates both short- and long-term expectations on electricity sales growth. The series addresses how to identify external factors that can influence electricity sales and how to develop adaptive business strategies to mitigate their influence. Mr. Hanser and Drs. Faruqui and Wharton will be presenting the second webinar session, “Econometric Methods for Finding and Measuring Causes of Sales Changes,” taking place March 20, 2012 from 2-4 pm EST. Their discussion will describe methods and techniques to correctly identify and measure weather impacts, incorporate the effects of economic drivers, and better understand the potential influence of energy efficiency. For more information, please visit the EEI website.