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July 02, 2013
Brattle Consultants to Speak at Annual Congress on Negotiating and Renegotiating Long-Term Gas Supply Contracts

Brattle principals Dan Harris and Carlos Lapuerta will present at 3rd Annual Congress on Negotiating and Renegotiating Long-Term Gas Supply Contracts, taking place in Berlin, Germany on July 2-3, 2013.

Mr. Harris, who will chair the event, will deliver the opening address of the program. He will also speak on a panel titled “The Difference Between Winning & Losing: Engaging the Vital Role of Expert Witnesses in Arbitration.” This session will discuss how the role of the expert differs between commercial negotiations and arbitrations, how to best involve experts in arbitration, evaluating experts to pick the right witness for your dispute, different types of witnesses to use, and how to get your expert to write relevant testimony and get the best out of them.

Mr. Lapuerta will speak on “The Relevance of EU Competition Law in Price Review Negotiations and Arbitrations.” In this presentation, he will give an overview of how EU competition law may impact long-term gas supply contracts and discuss EU competition law as a basis for amendments of long-term gas supply contracts. He will also discuss how to deal with EU competition law issues in arbitration as well as the practical distinctions between destination clauses and other profit sharing mechanisms and how to structure contracts to reflect them.

For more information, please visit the program website.