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July 11, 2011
Brattle Principal Dan Harris to Serve as Co-Chair at Conference on Gas Supply Contracts

The Brattle Group’s Dan Harris, a principal based in Rome, Italy, has been selected as a co-chair for the upcoming conference, “Commercial and Legal Strategies for Managing Risk in Long term Gas Supply Contracts,” taking place July 11-12 in Berlin, Germany. The program, focusing on pricing mechanisms and negotiation in long-term gas supply contracts, will bring together experts and professionals from gas suppliers, utility companies, and industry organizations across Europe. The program will also cover oil indexation, as well as how to value oil indexed contracts in order to assess risk. Mr. Harris will open and conclude the conference, as well as present during the session, “What Can Be Done at a Commercial Level to Resolve Contractual Disputes?” He will discuss what creative contractual terms exist that can help resolve disputes.