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September 21, 2012
Brattle Principal Hannes Pfeifenberger to Present at New England Restructuring Roundtable

Brattle principal Hannes Pfeifenberger will present at the New England Restructuring Roundtable, taking place September 21, 2012 in Boston, MA. Hosted by Foley Hoag LLP and moderated by Dr. Jonathan Raab of Raab Associates, the Restructuring Roundtable meets six times throughout the year to discuss current topics and issues related to changes in the electric power industry throughout New England. The topic of the upcoming roundtable is “Better Aligning Capacity Markets with Policy/Planning Objectives.” Participants will explore evolving regional capacity markets in the New England, New York, and PJM ISOs, and will discuss both the lessons ISOs are learning and the improvements they are contemplating. Mr. Pfeifenberger will lead the first panel session by providing an introduction to resource adequacy and capacity markets, and comparing the design and results of the New York, PJM, and New England capacity markets. For more information, please visit the Restructuring Roundtable website.