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September 15, 2011
Brattle Principal Johannes Pfeifenberger to Participate in National Regulatory Research Institute’s Teleseminar on Resource Adequacy Planning

Brattle principal Johannes Pfeifenberger will participate in the National Regulatory Research Institute’s (NRRI’s) teleseminar “The Economics of Resource Adequacy Planning: Why Reserve Margins Aren’t Just About Keeping the Lights On” on Thursday, September 15, 2011. During the teleseminar, a panel of experts will explore recent proposals that would supplement the traditional assessment of physical resource adequacy as measured by the 1-in-10 standard with an analysis of the economic costs and benefits associated with a given level of planning-reserve margin. Among other topics, they will address how RTOs, ISOs, and regulated utilities should evaluate the economics of resource adequacy; how price-responsive loads affect the economics of reliability; and whether there are additional benefits for regulators, consumers, and other stakeholders in evaluating the economics of resource adequacy. For more information on the teleseminar, or to register, please visit the NRRI website.