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January 24, 2012
Brattle Principal Jürgen Weiss Moderates Panel Discussion on Energy Storage at 2012 World Future Energy Summit

Brattle principal Jürgen Weiss recently participated in the 2012 World Future Energy Summit, where he moderated the panel discussion, “Energy Storage – Technical Challenges: Market Opportunities.” The Summit, which took place January 16-19 in Abu Dhabi, is a leading platform for international policy makers, innovators, business executives, and investors to discuss global energy challenges and explore real and sustainable solutions. The Summit featured more than 150 thought leaders from around the world to highlight both the latest innovations and critical issues surrounding sustainable energy. Dr. Weiss led the panel discussion by explaining that pumped hydropower dominates overall energy storage capacity, while battery storage technology still accounts for a small portion. Executives and authorities in the international energy sector discussed energy storage versus fossil fuel generation, and how innovation to improve battery capacity is relatively low. For more information, please visit the World Future Energy Summit website.