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October 01, 2012
Brattle Principal Judy Chang to Speak at Energy Smart 2012 Conference on Five Year Energy Outlook

Brattle principal Judy Chang has been invited to speak at the Energy Smart 2012 Conference taking place October 1-3, 2012 in Boston, MA. The conference, which is hosted by EnerNOC, will bring together facility managers, energy decision makers, government sustainability leaders, environmental health and safety officers, energy management service providers, and smart grid industry influencers to discuss topics pertinent to the smart grid industry. The conference’s sessions are designed to provide hands-on practical skills in three tracks: commercial and institutional energy management; industrial energy management; and EnerNOC U, a program designed for EnerNOC customers. Ms. Chang will speak on the “Five Year Energy Outlook,” and will discuss why many energy companies are putting significant resources into planning for this timeframe. Key questions to be addressed are whether the economy will rebound and increase electricity consumption over this time horizon, whether new sources of energy will keep the utility-based consumption low, and how energy companies will change their business models and long-term strategic plans to adjust to the new energy reality. Additionally, Ms. Chang will discuss how new regional, national, and global energy and climate policies will affect the future energy resource mix and businesses will adapt to the implication of these huge changes in the energy industry.