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November 09, 2010
Brattle Principal Judy Chang to Speak at Law Seminars International Conference on Shareholder Incentives

Judy Chang, a principal in The Brattle Group’s Cambridge office, will participate on a panel at Law Seminars International’s (LSI) Electric Utility Rate Cases seminar taking place in Boston, MA on November 9-10, 2010. The LSI seminar will cover topics including cost recovery of large scale investments, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission policy priorities in wholesale ratemaking, risk elements in rate design, and dynamic pricing and alternative approaches to demand side management. Ms. Chang’s panel, “Shareholder Incentives: Ratemaking Mechanisms/Tools as Carrots for Achieving Desirable Regulatory Outcomes,” will discuss issues related to incentive models for energy efficiency, including performance-based ratemaking, revenue decoupling approaches, and the role and effects of balancing accounts. For more information, please visit the LSI website.